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Gemini Collaborative

Amethyst Crystal Diffuser

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Amethyst  - devine energy, tranquility, intuition, wisdom

Since 2500 BC ancient civilizations have been using crystals for protection. Crystals are also used for healing in traditional medicines.


This diffuser is designed to slowly disperse fragrance in the air. To use remove the lid, add drops of diffuser oil until desired strength is achieved. Replace lid when not in use. When ready to change scents or clean bathe crystals in warm soapy water. Lay on towel to dry, return to jar to continue using.

Includes - 1 glass diffuser, 1 set of crystals in muslin bag

Diffuser oil not included

Add diffuser oil for $ 8.00 >>>

10 oz

Dimensions - 5.4" x 3"


++ Take care when removing from packaging as glass is fragile ++