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  • Photo of a lid to a small tin with a plaster aroma stone with a molded face and florals in the background.
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Moon-stones offer a unique way to enjoy your diffuser oils on the go. The porous stones absorb the oil and are slowly released in the air through evaporation. Designed to pack and take with you. They are safe for air travel and are perfect for hotel stays, office desks, cars, altars, or any small space. 

Place stone on flat surface or leave in travel tin. The tins' lid could also be used as a coaster for your stone. Slowly add drops of diffuser oil directly into stone until desired strength is achieved. As scent fades add additional oil as needed.

Diffuser oil not included

Add diffuser oil for $ 8.00 >>>


Made with gypsum powder

Dimensions - stone: 3" x .75"

Dimensions - tin:  3.27"  x 1.5"


++ Be mindful of surfaces moon-stones are placed, some oil may spill over sides which may cause damage to surfaces such as countertops or car interiors for example. Using a dish of some type to catch oil spillage is advised. Do not submerge stone in water. Clean with slightly damp cloth to remove any dust. Over time stone will begin to patina. Moon-stones are handmade and minor blemishes may appear on the face. ++