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  • Photo of nine ounce glass jar with  bath tea made of dried florals and bath salt salts spilling out.
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Gemini Collaborative

Moon Botanicals Bath Tea

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Made with essential oil infused fragrance oil, calendula, cornflower, fennel seed, Himalayan pink salt, jasmine, marshmallow root, orange peel, red clover, wild rose. Our bath tea is vegan, phthalate, and petroleum free

Salt is infused with our signature Moon Goddess scent. NOTES - amber, cardamom, cedar, citrus, coconut, dark musk, jasmine, moss, lime, mandarin, Palo Santo, rum, saffron, sandalwood, smoke, vanilla, violet, wood

Moon baths are the perfect ritual to practice mindfulness through self care. They can be taken anytime but aligning them with the cycles of the moon can enhance your experience. By honoring the element of water through the lunar cycle you are able to unlock emotional wisdom, soul memory, and the subconscious.


Fill muslin bag with bath tea, add to bath as water fills. Set your intention as you enter the bath, meditating on what you want as you soak. Alternatively tea could be added directly to bath, though it is advised to collect the botanicals before draining water. Give bag a few gentle squeezes to infuse water. Bathe as long as desired.





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