Humble Beginnings With Boho-Luxe Flair

Humble Beginnings With Boho-Luxe Flair


Welcome to Gemini Collaborative the Blog! We are three sisters; Dawn, Jamie, and Dana. Having all been born under the sun sign Gemini, our home growing up was always an adventure. We moved around a lot and home became wherever we were all together. We were more than just sisters, we were best friends. 

Covid forever changed our lives, as it did for many. For the first time we experienced isolation from the world and from each other. For one of us it brought the challenge of raising two small boys away from any social interaction. For another the loss of celebrating the milestones of a daughter in college. For the third it was the complete devastation of a daughter's mental health crisis amid isolating that ultimately led to a suicide attempt. We were navigating troubled waters desperate for a life raft...a miracle, and a change. 

We each came to the realization that life would never be the same and we could adapt to "the new normal", or we could write our own rules and start on a new adventure. So, Gemini Collaborative was born. With a humble idea to use our skills and creative passions to collaborate on the making of hand poured, small batch coconut - soy candles, home scents, and gifts. From the very beginning it was imperative to create not just a product, but a brand...a vibe!

After developing and testing our custom signature scents, design packaging and products our Boho-Luxe vibe was ready to share. Starting in a small neighborhood farmers markets to pop-ups and curated museum shows we have peddled our mystical wares all over our home town. We can easily all three agree that the best part has been the people we have met along the way.

Treating this business as a true adventure we have shared not only our products but our story, connecting with our community we have shared in your stories as well. Now with the launch of our website we celebrate how far we have come, and offer our gratitude for those that have been a part of this journey. Let's continue on this journey and see what we can discover. Many thanks and blessings to you for being here!


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